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Load Bank Testing Minimize

Load bank testing allows you to put all of your equipment to test and allows potential problems to be dealt with at a time convenient to you. It is the ideal way to be certain your standby generator will perform at it's full rated capacity.

Without regular tests, when your business is operating at full speed, using maximum electricity, it is likely that this is the time your equipment will fail – when you least want it to!

Regular resistive Load Bank Testing provides this assurance. Regular testing is the only way you can make sure your power system will operate as specified when you need it most.

To prevent equipment failure in an emergency situation, PS² recommends a simple, affordable annual load performance test using a resistive load bank to stress the complete generator system to its full capacity. During the test the equipment is brought to peak operating temperatures and applying a gradually increasing electrical load to a standby generator is an excellent way to remove the carbon and soot from the cylinders, heads and exhaust systems of generator engines that have been operating at less than full loads.

Especially for your diesel engine it is important that any equipment test is done with a real load attached to your generator in order not to damage your generator set while testing it. Load Bank Testing by PS² will prolong the life of your power equipment and reduce the risk of unnecessary engine or generator failure.

After the service, PS² submits a complete report stating that the generator set is operating correctly at peak rating, detailing the test results, and offering recommendations for adjustments or improvements.

Whether you need to test lower power factor simulation, frequency converters, or full electrical system integration, Aggreko provides a wide range of expert solutions and services.

PS² has over 50 man-years experience with Loadbanks, deploying a complete line of resistive and reactive load banks.

  • Sizes range from 200 to 5,000kW with various power-factor testing capabilities
  • The 200 to 400kW units are compact, portable and able to fit through a door 
  • Voltage of each unit is 208 to 480V, three-phase, 60Hz. All voltages are available with compatible transformers
  • The units are durable and weatherproofed.